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Case Information: 17-AA-0042
Short Caption:UNION MARKET NEIGHBORS V. D.C. ZONING COMMISSIONClassification:Agency - Administrative Agency - Zoning Commission
Superior Court or Agency Case Number:ZC28-15Filed Date:01/17/2017

Opening Event Date:01/17/2017Case Status:Decided/Dismissed
Record Completed:02/07/2017Post-Decision Matter Pending:
Briefs Completed:07/31/2017
Disposition:Next Scheduled Action:
Mandate Issued:02/04/2019

Party Information
Appellate RoleParty NameIFPAttorney(s)Arguing AttorneyE-Filer
IntervenorFoulger-Pratt Development, LLCN
Norman M. Glasgow, Jr.NN
Philip T. EvansYY
Cynthia A. GierhartNY
PetitionerUnion Market NeighborsN
Emily R. CitkowskiNY
Aristotle TheresaYY
Heather M. BennoNY
RespondentD.C. Zoning CommissionN
Richard S. LoveNY
Loren L. AliKhanNY

Event DateStatusDescriptionResultPDF
01/17/2017FiledPetition For Review
01/17/2017FiledFiling Fee Paid
01/25/2017FiledService Of Petition On Agency/Bd
02/03/2017FiledOrder To Show Cause why appeal should not be dismissed as untimely
02/07/2017FiledRecord On Appeal
02/07/2017FiledRecord Completed
02/09/2017FiledNotice Of Intent To Intervene (Intervenor-Respondent)
02/23/2017FiledResponse To Order To Show Cause (Petitioner)
03/10/2017FiledOrdered the court's February 3, 2017, order directing appellant to show cause why the appeal should not be dismissed and it appearing that the petition was timely filed, the show cause is discharged. FO, petitioner's brief and appendix shall be filed in 40 days. The briefs of respondent and intervenor are due 30 days thereafter.
03/10/2017FiledBriefing Order
04/19/2017FiledMotion For Summary Reversal (Petitioner)Denied
04/24/2017FiledTMC - Motion For Summary Reversal (Petitioner)
05/01/2017FiledOpposition to motion for summary reversal. (Intervenor-Respondent)
05/09/2017FiledOrder Denying Motion For Summary Reversal and Redirecting Briefing
06/02/2017FiledAppearance Cynthia A. Gierhart (Intervenor-Respondent)
06/07/2017FiledAppearance of Aristotle Theresa (Petitioner)
06/07/2017FiledMotion For Extension Of Time to File Brief, Appendix (Petitioner)Granted
06/14/2017FiledOrder Granting Motion For Extension Of Time to File Brief, Appendix (Petitioner) - 6/29/17
06/29/2017FiledBrief (Petitioner)
06/29/2017FiledJoint Appendix (Petitioner)
07/03/2017FiledMotion For Leave to File Amended Brief (Petitioner)Granted
07/19/2017FiledOrder Granting Motion For Leave to File Amended Brief (Petitioner)
07/19/2017FiledAmended/Corrected Brief (Petitioner)
07/28/2017FiledMemorandum/Statement In Lieu Of Brief (Respondent)
07/31/2017FiledBrief (Intervenor)
07/31/2017FiledBriefing Completed
08/21/2017FiledMotion For Extension Of Time to File Reply Brief (Petitioner)
08/29/2017FiledMotion For Leave to File Reply Brief (Petitioner)Granted
08/31/2017FiledACTION - Ready for Calendaring - Regular
09/07/2017FiledOrder Granting Motion For Leave to File Reply Brief (Petitioner)
09/07/2017FiledReply Brief (Petitioner)
10/10/2017FiledLetter To Counsel/Party Re Future Calendaring
12/01/2017FiledMotion To Dismiss Appeal (Intervenor)Referred
12/12/2017FiledMotion For Extension Of Time to File Opposition/(Petitioner)Granted
12/13/2017FiledOpposition to petitioner's motion for extension of time to file pleadings (Intervenor)
12/18/2017FiledORDER GRANTING petitioner's motion to extend time until 12/22/17...
12/22/2017FiledResponse in opposition to intervenor's motion to dismiss appeal (Petitioner)
12/28/2017FiledReply in support of its motion to dismiss for lack of standing (Intervenor)
01/02/2018FiledACTION - Calendar notice sent
02/07/2018FiledArgued before Chief Judge Blackburne-Rigsby, Associate Judge Fisher, and Senior Judge Steadman. (Aristotle Theresa, Esq. for petitioner Union Market Neighbors) (Philip T. Evans, Esq. for Intervenor Foulger-Pratt Development, LLC)
02/23/2018FiledMotion to supplement the court record and joint appendix (Petitioner)Granted
03/06/2018FiledMotion For Leave to File an Opposition to Petitioner's motion to supplement the record and joint appendix (Intervenor)Denied
03/06/2018LodgedOpposition to Petitioner's motion to supplement the record and joint appendix (Intervenor)
12/13/2018FiledAffirmed by opinion
12/13/2018FiledSupplemental Joint Appendix (Petitioner)
12/28/2018FiledAppearance by Heather Mirium Benno, Esq. (Petitioner)
12/28/2018FiledCounsel's Motion to Withdraw (Petitioner)Granted
01/04/2019FiledMotion For Leave to File and extension of time to file petition for rehearing (Petitioner)Granted
01/04/2019FiledPetition For Rehearing (Petitioner)Denied
01/07/2019FiledOpposition to motion for leave and extension of time to file petition for rehearing (Intervenor)
01/10/2019FiledReply to opposition to motion for extension of time (Petitioner)
01/29/2019FiledOrder granting counsel for petitioner's motion to withdraw and granting petitioner's motion for leave to file the petition for rehearing.
01/29/2019FiledOrder Denying petition for rehearing