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Case Information: 21-CV-0172
Short Caption:JOSEFA IPPOLITO-SHEPHERD V. ANGELLA FARSEROTU, ET AL.Classification:Appeals - Civil - General Civil (CAB)
Superior Court or Agency Case Number:2020-CA-004616-BFiled Date:03/12/2021

Opening Event Date:03/12/2021Case Status:Decided/Dismissed
Record Completed:05/07/2021Post-Decision Matter Pending:
Briefs Completed:08/17/2021
Disposition:Next Scheduled Action:
Mandate Issued:01/14/2022

Party Information
Appellate RoleParty NameIFPAttorney(s)Arguing AttorneyE-Filer
AppellantJosefa Ippolito-ShepherdNPro SeY
AppelleeAngella FarserotuN
David E. KindermannYY
AppelleeThomas CackettNPro SeN

Event DateStatusDescriptionResultPDF
03/12/2021FiledNotice Of Appeal
03/15/2021FiledRecord Index
04/06/2021DischargedOrder To Show Cause
04/12/2021FiledResponse To Order To Show Cause (Appellant)
04/26/2021FiledAppearance of David E. Kindermann (Appellee Farserotu)
04/26/2021FiledMotion For Costs And/Or Attorney Fees (Appellee Farserotu)Denied
04/29/2021FiledOpposition to appellee's motion For Costs And/Or Attorney Fees (Appellant)
04/29/2021FiledORDER DISCHARGING the show cause order... F/O DENYING appellee's motion for sanctions, expenses, attorneys' fees, and costs is denied as premature without prejudice...
05/05/2021FiledOrder Sua Sponte that this appeal shall be referred to the mediation coordinator for mediation screening
05/05/2021FiledReferred to Mediation
05/06/2021FiledScreened Out
05/07/2021FiledOrder Screening Out & Initial Order
05/07/2021FiledStatement Regarding Transcript(s) (Appellant)
05/07/2021FiledSupplemental Record #1 (7 pages-TAPE) 3/5/21 proceeding
05/07/2021FiledRecord Completed
05/12/2021FiledBriefing Order
05/24/2021FiledStatement Of Issues (Appellant)
06/16/2021FiledBrief (Appellant)
06/16/2021FiledAppendix (Appellant)
07/16/2021FiledMotion For Extension Of Time to File Brief (Appellee Cackett)Granted
07/16/2021FiledBrief (Appellee Farserotu)
07/17/2021FiledReply Brief (to Appellee, Farserotu) (Appellant)
07/19/2021FiledOpposition to the motion for extension of time to file brief (Appellant)
07/28/2021FiledOrder Granting Motion For Extension Of Time to File Brief (Appellee Cackett)
08/17/2021FiledBrief (Appellee Cackett)
08/17/2021FiledBriefing Completed
08/20/2021FiledReply Brief (to Appellee Cackett) (Appellant)
08/26/2021FiledNotice Received from appellant notifying the court of appellee's harassment, intimidation and threating behavior toward appellant (Appellant)
10/01/2021FiledNotice Received from the appellant regarding appellees behavior (Appellant)
10/09/2021FiledACTION - Ready for Calendaring - Summary
10/27/2021FiledACTION - Calendar notice sent
10/29/2021FiledMotion Requesting Oral Argument (Appellant)Denied
11/01/2021FiledOrder Denying pro se appellant's motion for oral argument.
11/22/2021FiledNotice to the Court (Appellant)
12/03/2021FiledSubmitted To Associate Judges Glickman, McLeese, and Deahl.
12/23/2021FiledReversed And Remanded by MOJ