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Case Information: 21-AA-0185
Short Caption:PETER STEBBINS, ET AL. V. D.C. DEPARTMENT OF CONSUMER AND REGULATORY AFFAIRSClassification:Agency - Administrative Agency - OAH - Regulatory Affairs
Superior Court or Agency Case Number:DCRA135-19Filed Date:03/22/2021

Opening Event Date:03/22/2021Case Status:Mediation
Record Completed:Post-Decision Matter Pending:
Briefs Completed:
Disposition:Next Scheduled Action:Record on Appeal
Mandate Issued:

Party Information
Appellate RoleParty NameIFPAttorney(s)Arguing AttorneyE-Filer
PetitionerPeter StebbinsNPro SeN
PetitionerMelissa PeffersNPro SeN
PetitionerCynthia CarsonNPro SeN
PetitionerDarrell DuaneNPro SeN
PetitionerKaren BosshartNPro SeN
PetitionerScott GrahamNPro SeN
PetitionerJerome PeloquinNPro SeN
PetitionerAlexis MoynahanNPro SeN
PetitionerLinwood NormanNPro SeN
PetitionerRita A. CampbellNPro SeN
PetitionerCharles OsborneNPro SeN
PetitionerDavid SchwartzmanNPro SeN
PetitionerChris OttenNPro SeY
PetitionerJo Anne BoykinNPro SeN
PetitionerJimmie BoykinNPro SeN
PetitionerJohn ShawNPro SeN
PetitionerJoanne FlemingNPro SeN
PetitionerCharles EllisNPro SeN
PetitionerRobin DienerNPro SeN
PetitionerJohn D. HanrahanNPro SeN
PetitionerDebby HanrahanNPro SeN
PetitionerCarole Lewis AndersonNPro SeN
PetitionerAndrea E. RosenNPro SeN
PetitionerKerry KempNPro SeN
PetitionerMarie K. HoffmanNPro SeN
PetitionerJoy Ann GruneNPro SeN
PetitionerMegan KearnsNPro SeN
PetitionerSandra ReischelNPro SeN
PetitionerMary Alice LevineNPro SeN
PetitionerDaniel Goldon WolkoffNPro SeY
PetitionerJames FournierNPro SeN
RespondentD.C. Department of Consumer and Regulatory AffairsN
Loren L. AliKhanNY

Event DateStatusDescriptionResult
03/22/2021FiledPetition For Review
03/22/2021FiledFiling Fee Paid
03/24/2021FiledService Of Petition On Agency/Bd
03/31/2021FiledInitial Order - directing record and referring to mediation
03/31/2021FiledReferred to Mediation
04/09/2021FiledMediation Screening Statement